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City Council, April 10

A novel and moving experience

Marc Knapp

Viewers will have to excuse the brevity of the report on last night’s Council meeting. The brevity reflects the fact that nothing of note occurred. There were a couple of grant applications, more annexations on James Island but no bills up for first reading.

If there were anything of interest it was the recognition of Mrs. Marguerite Michel who at 101 years, is probably Charleston’s oldest citizen. Many paid their compliments to her and recognized her contribution to the community. Towards the end of the recognition, the Mayor asked Mrs. Michel whether she would like to say a few words. She did but her voice did not carry well to where we were sitting so we don’t know what she said. But at the conclusion of her short speech she started to sing a hymn “Thank You Lord”. Within only a few seconds, a major part of those attending the meeting joined in. It was quite an experience. If the Council rules were to be strictly enforced, we suspect the Mayor should have stopped the singing. However he showed no inclination to do so, and indeed we’re glad he didn’t.

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