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County Council, May 30

Controversial issues on the Administration Policy/Rules Committee agenda not discussed
2014 allocations for road projects approved
Warwick Jones

Yesterday’s meeting was expected to be lively. But it wasn’t. The controversial issues of the responsibilities of the County Attorney and the term limit for the Council Chair did not come up for discussion. They were on the agenda of the Administration Policy/Rules Committee. But Council member Rawl, the Chair of the Committee, thought the responsibilities of the County Attorney could be better defined/refined than that described in yesterday’s agenda. He would come back to the Committee after further discussion with both the County Attorney and the Country Administrator. As for the term limit for the County Chair, it was simply passed over and nobody asked why. At least we didn’t hear any questions.

The agenda for the Finance Committee included the 2014 allocation from the half -cent sales tax for road projects. Council member Sass (representing much of the Mount Pleasant area) was uneasy about one allocation in West Ashley which spurred Council member Condon to retort that the southern part of the County (West Ashley) had not received the benefit of spending to the extent enjoyed by the East of the Cooper region. This went little further than friendly jibes but Council members had questions over funding and particularly the City of Charleston’s share of funding for the bike path over the Ashley River. Why wasn’t it more, asked Council member Qualey? To see the 2014 proposed allocations, press Download file

The Committee ultimately approved the 2014 allocations submitted by staff. Although funding was not presently available for the completion of all the projects, the Council would draw funds raised by recent bond issues and the funds drawn would be replenished from future sales tax revenues.

The County also amended its Bar Closing Ordinance. As Chairman Pryor noted, the existing ordinance was at odds with that of surrounding municipalities, and in particularly North Charleston. Bars are mandated to close at 2 a.m. in the City. But this simply meant that patrons travelled only a short distance to bars in the unincorporated area to continue their imbibing. Bars will now close at 2 a.m. in the County and allowed to reopen at 6 a.m. This is in line with the ordinances of the main municipalities.

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