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City Council, March 25

Uneventful session
Skateboard restrictions on St Philip Street?
Marc Knapp

There was little of interest before City Council last night. There were a number of presentations and proclamations, and the Holocaust remembrance. These were followed by public hearings, largely related to rezonings, and nothing much else.

The Skateboard Ordinance received its second and third reading, though not without some discussion over St Philip Street. A resident, and also the President of the neighborhood association, asked that the street be included in those from which skateboards are banned. If this were not possible, could skateboards be banned in the evenings? He said skateboard traffic along the street was heavy and noisy, impeding sleep. His plea did not go unnoticed.

The new ordinance provides for the creation of a Skateboard Committee consisting of community and neighborhood representatives. Council said the issue of what action should be taken in regard to St Philip Street should be studied by this Committee. As the street is in the heart of the College area, we expect many students will oppose any skateboard use restriction. But as did some Council members, we sympathize with the residents suffering the painful penetration of skateboard noise through even the thickest walls.

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