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City Council, January 13

City begins work on Transport Network ordinance
Warwick Jones

It was a short City Council meeting with little of substance on the agenda. Citizenís Participation was able to draw only one speaker. The action of the day was at the earlier meeting of the Transportation Committee. It was well attended, we were told as citizens expressed their views on a new ordinance covering the likes of Uber and Lyft.

The Chair of the Committee, Council member Moody noted the strong attendance of the public at the Committee meeting. His Committee and staff would now meet to draft an ordinance. He noted that in his view there were 4 areas, which needed particular study.

  • Ensuring that all vehicles and drivers were fully insured
  • That drivers were fully vetted
  • That all appropriate business licenses were applied for
  • And some order given to pricing

The Council member said that in his understanding the City could only regulate trips and fares on journeys that began and ended in the City. Those that began in the City and ended in another municipality, or began in another municipality but ended in the City were legally beyond the Cityís control.

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