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City Council, January 27

Still working on Transport Network Companies ordinance

Long Savannah showing life

Marc Knapp

There was little of substance on the agenda for last night’s Council meeting. In consequence, the meeting was relatively short, and ended a little less than an hour before the Mayor was scheduled to deliver his State of the City address.

We will make not attempt to describe the Mayor’s address. There were no surprises and indeed nothing seemed new. The Post and Courier had a similar opinion and its coverage was token in our view.

The public information package contained the proposed amendments to City Code, relating to the addition of an Article on Transport Network companies. This amendment was carried over from the previous Council meeting and was not discussed last night. However, Council Moody, Chair of the Transportation Committee said that staff and the Committee were still working on the amendment and that a final should be available for Council at the next meeting.

Council member Moody also noted that the state was also deliberating on action in relation to companies as Uber and Lyft. He said that any new state law would not apply to cities and municipalities such as Charleston.

Council member Wagner at the end of the session asked whether the Long Savannah development was coming back to Council before work started. He noted that it was some seven years ago that the project was approved and that much had happened since. With 6,000 dwelling units planned, it was a very large development.

Staff indicated that the developer wanted to make some changes to the original proposal and, yes, the project would be coming back to Council, probably in March.

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