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City Council, February 10

Still working on Transportation Network Companies ordinance
Revisions likely of taxi and limousine regulations as well
Marc Knapp

Last evening’s Council meetings were short. There was little of note relating to business items on the agenda. In common with some recent meetings, presentations and recognitions took up a significant amount of the time.

The draft of the amendment to the City Code relating to Transport Network Companies (Uber, Lyft) was again in the public document package. But again there was no vote and little discussion on the item. Council member Moody, Chair of the Transportation Committee, noted that his committee and staff were still working on the document. But significantly, he added that the ordinance that related to taxis and limousines needed revisions, the shortcomings of which we presume became evident in the shaping of the Transport Network Companies ordinance. The Committee planned ultimately to bring before Council proposed amendments to these ordinances as well.

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