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County Council, February 19

“Clean” report by external auditor, again!
Contract for new cell at Bees Ferry landfill awarded
Warwick Jones

The Finance Committee met last night and similar to other recent meetings, there was little news worthy on the agenda.

Of course, it could be argued that the external auditor’s report was important. Last night, a representative stated that the firm gave an “unqualified” opinion on the County’s 2014 accounts. This means that if had no issues on reporting. Indeed, the auditor, Scott and Co LLP, had only compliments for the County and staff in relation to its reporting and cooperation. All of this would be more newsworthy if it hadn’t been the 26th (or was it the 27th) year that the auditors had issued “unqualified” opinions on the County’s accounts.

One item on the Consent Agenda raised the eyebrows of Council member Rawl. The agenda item related to the replacement of Air Handling units in the “Penthouse A tower”. The replacement was not the issue, it was that the penthouse was in the County Detention Center! Everybody relaxed when it was explained that the penthouse was the name given to the space that housed the units, and not inmates.

The Committee awarded the contract for the construction of the Cell 4 at the Bees Ferry landfill. This was from T&K Construction LLC of Alabama and for $5.965 million. It was the lowest bid and staff noted satisfaction with the contractor’s qualifications.

But Council member Pryor had some suspicions. He noted that the bid price was well below that of others- ranging from $6.12 million to $7.26 million. He asked that if T&K Construction sought change orders on the contract, the issue would come back to Council for consideration and not resolved by staff.

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