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County Council, April 21

Defining responsibility for Public Safety at Bulow Landing
Warwick Jones

The agenda for yesterday’s Finance Committee meeting promised little of interest. The meeting lived up to its promise.

Attendees, and there were not too many, witnessed presentations about boundary lines between Dorchester and Charleston Counties by a surveyor and the SC Geodedic Survey.

We are not sure what prompted the survey relating to Middleton Place but it seems the present boundaries align with historical surveys.

The survey around Bulow Landing aka Lowndes Landing was more complex and attendees were subjected to a long crawl through the historical records and surveys beginning the late 18th Century. The final up shot – a small sliver of the property administered by the PRC is in Dorchester County.

So what, you ask?

Well it seems some nasty things have been happening in the location. The County was not happy, and neither was the developer of the nearby Long Savannah property. It seems that Dorchester and Charleston Counties were unsure who had the responsibility for public safety. But now they know.

Chairman Summey suggested that to permanently clear up the boundary issue, and the responsibility for public safety, Charleston annex the land sliver that was in Dorchester County. He noted that as the land was part of a park, no property taxes were paid. Consequently, there was no loss of revenue for Dorchester County if it agreed to the annexation. The Committee supported the Chair’s recommendation.

We expect Dorchester County will agree with the County’s request and war will be avoided.

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