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County Council, April 20

County Outreach program gains traction
Warwick Jones

There was little of substance on the agendas, and yesterday’s meetings were dominated by presentations.

The first presentation entitled County Outreach – efforts in education, related to efforts by the County to educate and train youth with a goal of obtaining quality employment. The Outreach program was started about 6 months ago and has taken interns from the College of Charleston and the Citadel, and participated in career fairs. Possibly more important, it has joined in supporting the Trident Technical College (TTC) in its apprentice program.

TTC has gathered 122 companies to join its efforts and to offer apprenticeship training to high school students. This year there were 150 students in the program. The limit on the number of students was the willingness or ability of employers to offer apprenticeship positions.

The students that join the program are expected to attend training at the specific companies and for a period of two years and to also complete high school. But as the speaker warned, participation will leave no time for students to participate in say sports related school programs - you can’t play in the varsity football team and join the program.

As the speaker noted, successful participants at the end of high school will have skills that will enable them to immediately enter the work force. They will also receive credits towards a degree from the College. He also noted there was a crying need for skilled workers in many industries in the Charleston area.

The other presentation was entitled the Good Samaritan Policy. The speaker was encouraging the County to support legislation in the South Carolina house to give limited immunity to prosecution when calling for emergency help, for those suffering from a drug overdose, or for those helping somebody suffering from such.

The speaker noted the rapid rise in drug related deaths in South Carolina and the need for the state to be more active in prevention. Chairman Rawl asked that Council be sent a copy of the proposed legislation for consideration.

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