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County Council, July 18

North Charleston library to be named after Mayor
Accommodation Tax distributions
Warwick Jones

We’re in the summer months and Council meetings are cut to one a month. The agendas for last night’s meetings were light but citizens’ comments made them relatively lengthy.

Of interest but perhaps not of great import was naming the proposed new County libraries. The Library Trustees made some suggestions all of which were generally acceptable. Council member Schweers thought that Ten Mile Community, the library in Mount Pleasant, was too vague. He thought Wando Regional was better. But the surprise was the request from Council member Pryor. He wanted the library in North Charleston to be named Keith Summey, after the Mayor of the City. Council member Summey, Mayor Summey’s son, did not think it was a good idea and that his dad would not approve. Why not name it after his grandfather who too was active in politics?

There was some discussion on the names and Council approved the submitted list though with the amendments proposed by Council members Schweers and Pryor. Council also agreed to tag the names with the towns or cities they represented.

Most of the other agenda items related to grants and contracts. The distributions from the annual $300,000 set aside from the Accommodation Tax were approved and can be seen by pressing Download file. There is nothing controversial in the distributions and as Council member Schweers noted with satisfaction, the allocations were determined by the Convention and Visitors Bureau, according to a formula it developed.