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County Council, February 12

Moving ahead to redevelop Naval Hospital property
Book value will be $5 million!!
Warwick Jones

Not surprisingly, Council gave the go-ahead to the plan presented by staff at the last Council meeting for the redevelopment of the 3600 Rivers Avenue site. There were suggestions that development be deferred until the study by the Urban Land Institute was complete. But staff told Council that if the County were to gain occupancy of the new building by Fall 2021, planning needed to start immediately.

The first phase of the project entails the demolition of the existing building and the construction of a new 90,000 sq. ft. building to house essential County agencies,. There will also be a CARTA transit station. The cost of Phase 1 is estimated at $47 million and the CARTA transfer station $3 million. Council approved the provision for up to $6 million for the hazardous material abatement and demolition at the Tuesday meeting.

To see a preliminary drawing of Phase 1, press Download filehere. The County plans development beyond Phase 1 though nothing has been approved nor is likely to be until the completion of Phase 1. Wed note that there are differences of opinion on Council as to development beyond Phase 1. And indeed the study by the Urban Land Institute of the general area may also influence development.

The County Auditor gave its report on the 2018 accounts and as in the past, its report was favorable with no qualifications. It also noted the history of the Rivers Avenue property and said that the value would be written down in the County accounts to $5 million after demolition and abatement. Ouch!!!!!