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About Charleston Watch

Our Purpose

CharlestonWatch, L.L.C., was founded by a group of Charleston residents to provide information on the activities of Charleston's city and county governments and to encourage scrutiny of those activities by citizens. For that purpose, CharlestonWatch created this website,

The founders recognize that an informed electorate is a wise and effective electorate. To encourage such, they intend the website to provide a forum for the dissemination of facts that might otherwise not be brought to the public's attention. It is also intended as forum for discussion of opinions that might otherwise find no voice.

Contact Us

Citizens are invited to send their comments for publication on the website. Publication will be subject to approval and editing on the basis of factual accuracy, merit and good taste. Any article or comment published on the website will reflect the opinion solely of the writer and not that of CharlestonWatch, L.L.C., or its members.

All letters should be sent to

We can't guarantee that all letters will be published. If they are rejected it won't be because of any strong political leanings expressed in the letters. They may be rejected because, optimistically, we are overwhelmed with correspondence and there is no room on the pages. But they may also be rejected because they lack merit, are in poor taste or just badly written. Judgments relating to these things are obviously subjective and it is probable that some writers will be upset with us. We recognize this as inevitable.

For information regarding the organization itself, email Concerns regarding the readability or other technical issues of the CharlestonWatch website should be addressed to

Submission Guide

All letters should be sent to They should contain your name, home address and telephone number. Your letter will only be published after we verify the authenticity of the letter. Your name and home address will be attached to published letters. Please make your letters as short as possible. Apart from making life easier for the editors, it makes for more satisfied readers.

Please note that we are attempting to provide a forum for events and developments in the Greater Charleston area only. We will not be publishing letters relating to anything outside this area unless they have some local bearing.

DO not send your letters as an email attachment. Attachments will not be opened to ensure our site remains virus-free.