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Baptist Church -Wraggborough

The battle with the City was won by the residents of Wraggborough. At issue was the conversion of the church to a theatre. The residents said no, it would destroy the neighborhood and add to traffic woes. Proponents said the church was in need of repair, the Dock Street Theatre needed a temporary home during restoration and the adverse impact on the community would be minimal. And what would you prefer, a theater or condominiums? Many said condominiums. The BZA had a tied vote on the proposed change in use so the change was not allowed, The building remains a church,

June 28, 2006

Baptist Church - Wraggborough
Wraggborough resident takes issue with Charleston Stage director
Barbara Julius Charlotte Street

Regarding the comments made by Julian Wiles in Sunday's Post and Courier written by Dottie Ashley, I have this to say. Excuse me! Please do not trivialize the productive efforts made by the Mazick Wraggborough homeowners by saying unfound rumors swirling around you could not control. Take responsibility and recognize that we plowed through your misinformation and did our homework.

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May 03, 2006

Board of Zoning Appeals, May 2
Attempt to convert use from church to theater fails
How independent is the Board?
Patricia Jones

It was a near run thing. The Board's vote was split 3-3 which of course meant that the motion to change the use failed. So the Tabernacle Fourth Baptist Church in Wraggborough will remain as a place of worship. And the community, which was solidly and vigorously opposed to the usage change, is praising the Lord.

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March 19, 2006

Mayor Riley is selling out the Mazyck Wraggborough Neighborhood

Barbara Julius
44 Charlotte Street

I've been chewing on this letter for days now. It started last week when I read Mayor Riley's letter to the editor (Post and Courier) chastising the Bush administration for allowing the Francis Marion Forest open to development. He was incensed that our way of life was being threatened and the government didn't care about our community. Later this week I happened to read an article in the City Paper titled "Philosophical Shift". The article talked about the massive development underway on Morris Street. City Hall had been able to "convince a black congregation to sell their land" and the project called for mixed use: six affordable houses were to be intermingled with the pricey town houses that are expected to fetch hundreds of thousands, if not over a million in the market today. Unfortunately the construction workers representing each group kept bumping into each other, crossing paths all day long! Mayor Riley and his staff found a "creative" way to buy off the Community Housing Development Organization (CHODO), by giving them enough money to move on out! With the help of the developers, the city found a way for them to move uptown, out of the historic district where they could qualify for federal grants and build more units. Gentrification Mayor Riley?

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February 24, 2006

Board of Zoning Appeals February 21
Board defers decision on church conversion
Little encouragement for opponents
Warwick Jones

Those of us at the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) meeting on Tuesday evening and opposed to the church conversion had little to be pleased about. Before the BZA was the issue as to whether to allow the conversion of a church in Wraggborough to a 400-seat theater - the imposition of a commercial use in the heart of a residential neighborhood. It was not the decision in itself that was displeasing - a decision was deferred until the next meeting - it was the seeming indifference of some members to citizens' concerns, and the attitude or lack of understanding of some other members of the Board.

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February 10, 2006

Growing opposition to conversion of church to theater
Serenity of neighborhood would be destroyed
Warwick Jones

We do not know where the truth lies. When first brought to its attention, the neighborhood was told that the Mayor supported the conversion of the Tabernacle Fourth Baptist Church in Wraggborough to a theater. Now we are hearing words to the contrary - that the Mayor opposes the conversion. And if indeed the Mayor is no longer supportive, it is interesting to speculate as to what changed his mind. Was it the mounting opposition to the conversion? Was it fear of another public rebuke similar to that suffered in the reaction to the Clemson Architecture Center.

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February 06, 2006

Don't convert church to theater

Judi Murphy
44 Charlotte St., Apt B

It is a sad day for our City that a developer and "the powers that be" can negotiate behind closed doors for over a year (without the knowledge of residents) to change a church use from special to commercial.

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January 19, 2006

Conversion of Church to theater rattles neighborhood
Portent of the future
Warwick Jones, Editor

It will not be the first time in Charleston that a church is converted to another use. But to our knowledge, that of the New Tabernacle Fourth Baptist on Charlotte Street in Wraggborough will be the first to a theater. And folk in the neighborhood are concerned.

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