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College of Charleston

The College of Charleston has grown dramatically over the last 20 years and has now capped enrolment at about 12,000. A rebuilding program is underway to add dormitories, parking and teaching facilities. None of the new buildings lend anything to the historic ambience of the City. Situated in the heart of the peninsula, the College adds much that is good to Charleston. But it also adds traffic and people, contributing to congestion.

December 15, 2011

BAR Meeting, December 15
BAR approves College Dormitory development off King Street
We think the location is good, but the scale overwhelming

Warwick Jones

We were surprised and disappointed at the decision of the Board of Architectural Review (BAR) to give conceptual approval of a plan to construct a dormitory for the College of Charleston. The dormitory is to house 400 students and would be located on lots behind King Street that presently are used for parking. Although we had no issue with the location, the proposed structure was far too large for the site in our view. It is too visible even though it is behind King Street shops, and the proposed height is a long blot on the City’s skyline.

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September 21, 2006

Board of Architectural Review September 20
Board tells C of C to reconsider Science School plans
Council Member Fishburne questions BAR process
Warwick Jones

Last night's meeting was called specially to consider the new Science Building for the College of Charleston. The Board of Architectural Review (BAR) was not impressed and voted for deferral. For us, the meeting raised a number of issues beyond the proposed school, all relating to the BAR itself.

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January 13, 2005

BAR Meeting - January 12
College of Charleston has its day
Warwick Jones, Editor

Basketball Arena on track for construction
Plans to construct a new College arena took another step forward at the BAR meeting on Wednesday evening. Conceptual approval has already been given by the BAR. Last night the College of Charleston was seeking "preliminary approval" for construction. It received it with modest praise and with some requests for modifications.

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July 29, 2004

BAR Meeting July 28

New basketball arena looks good

Warwick Jones, Editor
Residents got their first glimpse of what the new basketball arena at the College of Charleston might look like. And it looked pretty good. Sure, it is not a structure that looks particularly historic, but considering what it is - a large utilitarian building - it is not offensive and could blend in better than most expected.

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May 19, 2004

The C of C library - Are citizens impressed by the design?

The Editors

Most residents of Charleston travel along Calhoun Street at some time so few will not have missed the new College of Charleston library. It may be grand inside and we confess to not having inspected it. But on the outside, it leaves much to be desired. On a stand alone basis, the building has some appeal but in a modern setting, not in the historic section of Charleston. Its existance has contributed to the change in character in the surrounding part of the City. There is no point in admonishing the B.A.R. it seems impervious to criticism.

So what do citizens think? Send us you comments.

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