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Much has been said as to what needs to be done. But nothing much seems to happen, and the public schools of the County continue to do poorly. Is it the disinterest of parents, poor discipline at schools or inadequate facilities? In varying degrees probably all of the above. A new superintendent of the County Schools was hired in 2005 but there was no strong evidence of subsequent improvement in achievement. With new faces on the School Board after the November 2010 elections, many were hoping for a stronger effort to lift standards.

October 12, 2012

County Council, October 11
Issues over land transfer to North Charleston Sewer District
Charleston Promise Neighborhood succeeding
Warwick Jones

There was nothing of much import on yesterday’s Finance Committee meeting. A discussion on the transfer of a property to the North Charleston Sewer District and a presentation on Charleston Promise Neighborhood took up nearly all of the session.

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October 14, 2009

City Council, October 13
Dr McGinley erases fears over Fraser Elementary
Initial plans for the Market area, and a FHAP over a FHIP!

Marc Knapp

It was another long one. Most of the time was taken up by a progress report by Dr McGinley, Superintendent of Schools, a presentation on initial plans for the Market area, and an incredibly long discussion on the City’s Fair Housing ordinance.

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March 06, 2009

Five schools slated to be closed
It’s the lack of discipline!

In relation to the proposed closing of 5 County Schools, recent articles in the Post and Courier inform us that:

• Nearly all of the five schools have received the lowest state ratings.

• Enrollment is down 35% over the past decade

• The No Child Left Behind criteria have not been met

• The per pupil cost is higher than average, with McClellanville Middle having the highest per pupil cost in the district at $20,362. Yes, you read that correctly - $20,362.

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February 17, 2006

The mediocre will inherit the Earth
Unintelligent design
Shawn Keller

Why would anybody in their right mind want the government, especially the South Carolina government, to teach religion to their children?

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May 27, 2004

More and more taxes!

Submitted by Joe Lolli, 7867 Russell Street Drive, Edisto Island

The P&C's editorial on May 20,2004 reports that our local Charleston County School Board is contemplating following Greenville County's lead in plotting to violate our state's 8% debt cap. The paper's editorial suggests they follow the law and finance their $200 million bond over 25 years, which includes refinancing their existing $128 million construction bonds and funding the "surprise" $61 million short-fall. According to the editorial, if they did this in accordance with the law, the tax increase to a $100,000 homeowner would be $112 each year.

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