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New Port and Access Roads

The port facilities in Charleston will reach capacity within a few years and the State Port Authority wants to expand. It planned a new container terminal at Daniel Island but residents on the island protested and the plan was halted. The chosen site is now in North Charleston. But residents of North Charleston, at least those near the site are not happy. They fear their communities will be disrupted by the heavy traffic generated by the port. Apart from the protests of the residents, there is the issue of I-26 and the extra traffic it will bear. The interstate already suffers from congestion in peak hours and the new port will exacerbate this. Some opposing the port ask that if the port is not acceptable at Daniel Island, why is it being imposed on North Charleston? The only difference is the level of affluence of the respective communities. Others ask why impose any more traffic on Charleston? Let the port at Savannah expand. After all the City would welcome the opportunity. The issues with residents ultimately was solved by linking the port to rail services and reducing potential truck traffic. However, this is now an issue as the City of North Charleston objects to a rail line passing through the northern part of the City.

May 14, 2014

City Council, May 13
Presentations, Recognitions and long invocations
Consent for Port Access road
Marc Knapp

But for presentations and recognitions, and the lengthy invocation by Council member Riegel, last night’s meeting would have been short. There was little of substance on the agendas of the Council or Ways and Means.

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February 07, 2007

New Port - Extracts from Army Corp EIS study
Diagram of proposed access roads

Warwick Jones

Changing the proposed new terminal site from Daniel Island to North Charleston was supposed to remove the obstacles to the terminal's construction. It clearly has not worked that way. It seems reasonable to now ask as to whether the new terminal will ever been built?

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March 31, 2006

Proposed new port and access roads
Another access road proposed
Questions still remain about the impact of traffic
Warwick Jones, Editor

It was the final public meeting relating to the proposed new container terminal in North Charleston, and the access roads. Well over a hundred people were at the meeting and included representatives of the SC Department of Transport, consultants and contractors. It was hard to tell how many people were from the communities, but we estimate about 70 to 80.

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March 03, 2006

County Council March 2,
Stalemate on letter to President Bush protesting forestland sales
But unanimous on letter to Corps on Port access road
Warwick Jones

The Chairman asked that Council members put aside political consideration. He wanted members, meeting as the Finance Committee to endorse a letter to President Bush protesting the sale of forest land in South Carolina and in particular, the Francis Marion Forest. Whether the council members put aside political considerations, we don't know. But the split of voting was 4 in support and 4 against with Republicans and Democrats on each side. The request will now go to Council on Tuesday night where most likely the vote will remain the same and the issue will die.

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February 17, 2006

County Council February 16,
"We ain't goin' to shuffle no mo'"
Opposition to access roads and port
Warwick Jones

The highlight of yesterday's special meeting of the Finance Committee was Council member Darby's emotional speech opposing the proposed container port in North Charleston and any of the access roads. His opposition reflected the attitude of his constituents and the fears of the very adverse impact that the port and roads would have on the surrounding neighborhoods. He noted that too often poor and African American neighborhoods bore the brunt of development. It was going to happen again with the port development. It was time to make a stand. Affecting a Gullah dialect, "we ain't going to shuffle no mo', he said.

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February 08, 2006

County Council February 8
Back to drawing board on Port Access Road
Warwick Jones

Very much to the satisfaction of Council members Darby and Pryor, the SC Department of Transportation is going to have another look at its access road options relating to the proposed container port in North Charleston. The Council Chairman indicated at the Finance Committee meeting last week that he planned to speak to senior management of both the State Ports Authority and the SC Department of Transportation. He said at last night's meeting that he had a series of discussion with the respective heads and that "both were very cooperative". The SC DOT will withdraw its permit application for permission to use the proposed road designated 1c and will conduct another public hearing to consider suitable access.

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February 03, 2006

County Council Meeting February 2
County deliberates on opposition to port access road
Auditors unqualified opinion on 2005 financial reports
Warwick Jones

Meeting as the Finance Committee, Council discussed the possible impact of an access road from the proposed container port in North Charleston to I 26, and the means to oppose the road. Council member Darby raised the issue at the meeting and spoke of the impact the road would have on the communities abutting the new port. The communities, essentially African American, fall largely in his electorate. He noted that the communities were split when I 26 was first built. He felt that the access road would have a similar adverse impact and was opposed to any of the access roads that had been studied by the Army Corps of Engineers. And he asked for Council's support to oppose them and by any means possible including Court action and seeking Federal help.

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January 27, 2006

Proposed container terminal in North Charleston
Community not happy about access roads
Some oppose the location of terminal
Warwick Jones

It was first an issue about the road that would link the new container terminal in North Charleston to I 26. But the loaction of the new container terminal has become an issue also. Sentiment against the terminal was strong at the public workshop held yesterday at the Gethsemani Community Center in North Charleston and hosted by the Army Corps of Engineers. There were more than a hundred attendees, we estimate. Many were residents of the areas that could be impacted by the new road.

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November 11, 2005

County Council November 10
Impact of Container Port Road to be scrutinized
Conservation League skeptical of Environmental Impact Study
Warwick Jones, standing in for Shawn Keller who is on military duty in Iraq

Issues relating to the access road from I-26 to the proposed container port in North Charleston received the most attention at last night's Finance Committee meeting. These issues have been around for some weeks and flowed from the decision to seek funding from the State Infrastructure Bank for the access road as well as the completion of I- 526. At earlier meetings of the Finance Committee and Council, Council members Darby and Pryor in particular expressed strong concern as to the fate of the communities through which the proposed road could pass. Council subsequently asked the Transportation Consultant to evaluate the impact of the road and "encouraged" the SC Department of Transportation to do the same.

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October 28, 2005

County Council October 27
Committee approves formation of Conservation Bank
Mitigation efforts proposed for Mark Clark and Port Road
Warwick Jones, standing in for Shawn Keller who is on military duty in Iraq

The Finance Committee approved the formation of the Conservation Bank proposed by Council member Bostic. However, the Committee voted to hold back funding for the bank until the Comprehensive Green Belt Plan was completed. The approval, despite the caveat of funding, was a slap in the face of the recently formed Greenbelt Advisory Board (GAB). The GAB had asked Council to defer the issue because of a number of reasons. Essentially, its stated that a decision on its formation was premature. It should wait for the Greenbelt Plan and until the mechanism for the choice of greenbelt acquisitions and the disposal of sales tax funds had been worked out.

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